Australia Day Celebrations

Every year, to celebrate Australia Day, “A Day on the Beach” celebratory event is held at Kingston Beach; this event celebrates all things Australian - enjoying aerobatics, sports, summer, BBQ and a variety of entertainment. The Academy was invited to perform a lion dance to a welcoming crowd. On another note, members of the Academy were recently honoured to become Australian citizens at the Hobart Citizenship ceremony held at Sandy Bay Regatta. The ceremony welcomed new Australian citizens from 31 countries, highlighting the multicultural fabric of the Tasmanian society!


薄伽梵 師尊與塔州州長代表-Elise Archer 議員、中華人民共和國駐墨爾本總領事館龍舟總領事、塔省華人聯誼會會長鍾國興先生、塔省華人聯誼會前會長陳源利,一同於庚子春茗上互道祝賀。 舞獅是農曆新年不可少的節目,意謂喜氣洋洋、生龍活虎。而本佛教學院的聖密金剛獅子舞,具有弘揚佛陀正法的意義,願將佛陀智慧和慈悲帶來人間。 停止犯罪組織主席 Mr. David Daniels OAM 伉儷,帶著美好的心情來到庚子春茗接待處。 庚子春茗正式開始,由塔州原住民長者 Aunty Eva Richardson 為大會以原住民語言作〝歡迎到來國家〞儀式。 春茗宴席坐有 200 餘嘉賓,有來自澳洲各地的政、商、社區領袖;多年來友好支持本佛教學院的新老朋友;以及自世界各地來塔州朝聖及拜見 薄伽梵 師尊的聖密弟子。 中華人民共和國駐墨爾本總領事館的龍舟總領事,為賀歲的聖密金剛獅子點睛。 庚子春茗踏入尾聲,全場嘉賓手連手,心連心,同聲高唱〝友誼萬歲〞,盼望明天會更好。 各方華人代表共聚一堂,同慶庚子新春。 薄伽梵 師尊在春茗上發表歡迎詞。 金剛聖源小活佛為庚子春茗表演拉赫瑪尼諾夫第23號第五曲及流行集成曲。

Lunar New Year Celebration Night a Reminder of Hope and Friendship

Master Wang, along with The Hon. Elise Archer MP, the representative of the Premier of Tasmania; Consul-General Long Zhou of the Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Melbourne; Mr. Brian Chung, President of Chinese Communities Association of Tasmania; Mr. Daniel Chan, Former President of Chinese Communities Association of Tasmania, together on the evening of the Geng Zi New Year celebration. The lion dance is an essential part of Lunar New Year celebrations. It symbolises joy, vigour and prosperity. The Holy Tantra Vajra Lion Dance of the Buddhist Academy brings with it the meaning of Buddha’s correct Dharma, wishing to bring the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha to the h

Cultural Park Rezoning Green Light

On Friday 24 January 2020, the Tasmanian Planning Commission approved the amendments to the Southern Midlands Interim Planning Scheme 2015 to facilitate development of the Tasmanian Buddhist Cultural Park of Australia. Under section 42(3)(b) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993, the amendment is to come into operation on 14 February 2020. More information on the Commission’s decision can be found at It is a milestone for the proposed Cultural Park and Jin-Gang-Dhyana Temple, and we would like thank all the support, friendship and help from the Tasmanian community along the way.

Faiths and Religions Unite to Pray for Peace

This year’s theme of World Religion Day was “the Oneness of Humanity”. In Hobart, religious representatives congregated at Baháʼí Centre of Learning to celebrate World Religion Day. This day was created to promote and facilitate mutual understanding and harmony amongst different religions and faiths. Reincarnated Being Vajra Sheng-Yuan shared a Buddhist passage about unity and Reincarnated Beings Vajra Yong-Cheng II, Vajra Yong-Cheng III, Vajra Yong-Cheng V and Vajra Yong-Cheng VI performed the One Alms Bowl Dharani, a dynamic form of meditation.

Send help to those affected by Australian bushfire

The recent bushfires around Australia has been affecting thousands of homes, burned 26 million acres and counting. Lives has been lost including dozens of Australians and an estimated half to 1 billion animals, including wildlife and livestock. Tens of thousands of people in the path of the bushfires have been forced to evacuate to safety, with worsened air quality causing many to suffer with breathing problems. Being part of the Australian community, everyone can help, even a little or a lot will go a long way. Please donate to following links to various services: Tasmania State Emergency Service (SES) Victorian Bushfire Appeal http://emergency

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