FOUR YEARS | Statues Opening

​Four years ago today, we welcomed more than 1,000 people to celebrate the opening of the Stone Lions and Four Great Heavenly Deva statues at Tea Tree. Since then, we've continued to work in the background, and are thrilled that earlier this year, our rezoning application for the proposed Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia was approved by the Tasmanian Planning Commission. A lot more work and preparation (and approvals) lie ahead, however we take the milestone as an encouragement for us to work harder, to bring our vision to life. We are thankful for the support we have had, along what has been a very long journey thus far, but one that is well worth working for. Meanwhile, we hope

2020 Academic Symposium

12th Academic Symposium of Chinese Han Transmission Esotericism Academy will be held online on 26 July 2020. The Supremely Profound and Unsurpassable Dharma, A Rare Encounter over Hundred Thousand Million Kalpas At Present I am able to listen, receive and uphold, Vowing to Decipher the Tathagata’s Truth The main discussion topic of the 12th Academic Symposium is “A Brief Discussion on COVID-19’s Philosophical Inspiration and Reflection upon Humanity.” We welcome all articles from all scholars and friends within the Religion and within the School that have an interest Chinese Han Transmission Tantrayana Buddhism - Holy Tantra Gu Fan Mi Jin-Gang-Dhyana Buddhism. We welcome all practitioners

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