​Four years ago today, we welcomed more than 1,000 people to celebrate the opening of the Stone Lions and Four Great Heavenly Deva statues at Tea Tree. Since then, we've continued to work in the background, and are thrilled that earlier this year, our rezoning application for the proposed Tasmanian...

12th Academic Symposium of Chinese Han Transmission Esotericism Academy will be held online on 26 July 2020.

The Supremely Profound and Unsurpassable Dharma,

A Rare Encounter over Hundred Thousand Million Kalpas

At Present I am able to listen, receive and uphold,

Vowing to Decipher the Tathagata’s Tr...

The below article was first published in The Mercury on 22 April 2020. 

BHAGAVAN ZHI-JI VIMALAKIRTI WANG XIN DE reflects on his search for hope and optimism

 Supplied image (source: The Mercury)

THE 16th of April of this year marked my 31st anniversary of disseminating Dharma abroad.

On April...

Every year, to celebrate Australia Day, “A Day on the Beach” celebratory event is held at Kingston Beach; this event celebrates all things Australian - enjoying aerobatics, sports, summer, BBQ and a variety of entertainment.

The Academy was invited to perform a lion dance to a welcoming crowd.

On ano...

薄伽梵 師尊與塔州州長代表-Elise Archer 議員、中華人民共和國駐墨爾本總領事館龍舟總領事、塔省華人聯誼會會長鍾國興先生、塔省華人聯誼會前會長陳源利,一同於庚子春茗上互道祝賀。 


停止犯罪組織主席 Mr. David Daniels OAM 伉儷,帶著美好的心情來到庚子春茗接待處。

庚子春茗正式開始,由塔州原住民長者 Aunty Eva Richardson 為大會以原住民語言作〝歡迎到來國家〞儀式。

春茗宴席坐有 200 餘嘉賓,有來自澳洲各地的政、商、社...

Master Wang, along with The Hon. Elise Archer MP, the representative of the Premier of Tasmania; Consul-General Long Zhou of the Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Melbourne; Mr. Brian Chung, President of Chinese Communities Association of Tasmania; Mr. Daniel Chan, Former Presid...

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