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[Notice] 2561 Bathing Buddha Holy Ceremony

2561 Bathing Buddha Holy Ceremony

Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia


Chinese Han Transmission Tantrayana Buddhism - Holy Tantra Gu Fan Mi Jin-Gang-Dhyana Buddhism, Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia sincerely invites High Monks, Eminent Ones, Kalyana-mittata, professionals and scholars, Buddhist followers, devotees of all schools, and those who have interest in Buddhism from all sectors, to come and celebrate the 2561 Holy Birthday Bathing Buddha Holy Ceremony of the Great Holy Sakyamuni Buddha. The Bathing Buddha Holy Ceremony will solemnly conduct the Traditional Sakra Deva Holy Tantra Ritual of Buddhist Tantrayana Vidyadhara Tantrayana Buddhism, the Multiple Deva Celebration Red Cloud Vajra Holy Ritual of the Buddha Mother Maha Maya Deva giving Birth to the Crown Prince, the Vajra Holy Ritual of Multiple Devas Descending Holy Water, the Prayer Holy Ritual of Holy Water Bathing Buddha; along with Holy Tantra Doctrinal Song chanting teachings, the Four Great Heavenly Devas Protection Holy Ritual of Heaven and Earth Celebrations, and Buddhist Tantrayana Spiritual Culture. According to Mahayana Buddhist doctrines:

“Everyone has Buddha Nature, Everyone is a Buddha;

to celebrate the Holy Birthday of Buddha is to celebrate the birthday of all sentient beings”.

Allowing sentient beings to realise the beauty of Jin-Gang-Dhyana Ideals, to share the tranquility of li gou jing ying (departing from defilement with crystal brilliance), to experience the samadhi as immovable and steadfast as Sumeru, to savour the infinite positive energy spiritual realm of ming kong zi jian (self realising and verifying vidya sunya), along with the holy realms of inner heart purity and harmony, fulfilling Dharma bliss, enhancement of wisdom and auspiciousness of the six time periods. Details are below: Date: Sunday May 14th 2017 Time: 10 am - 12 pm (9:30 am entry) Venue: Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia World Headquarters Ci Bei Temple,

77 Collins Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7000 Admission: Free.

Please use the following methods to attend:

  1. By invitation (registration not required).

  2. email before the Holy ceremony.

  3. Australian devotees can call (+61) 451-837-983 or (+61) 411-121-888 to register.

  4. For newcomers who arrive on the day, please proceed towards the registration counter. Should you wish to register prior to the day, please register via:

Holy Tantra Practitioners, Holy Tantra Gurus, Holy Tantra Elder Gurus from around the world that sincerely wish to attend the Bathing Buddha Holy Ceremony and pay homage to the Holy Tantra Mandala of the Australian World headquarters are asked to submit Dharma learning and realisation reports along with pilgrimage applications to , and await responses. The Avatamsaka Holy Realm, Endless Layers Upon Layers; the scene is infinitely wonderful, this place is the most auspicious.

We look forward to you all joining us together in the festivities, the Holy Ceremony, establishing Holy conditions and attaining the Buddha path! Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia 21 February 2017

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