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Lunar New Year celebrations

In the lunar calendar, this year is the Xin Chou year of the ox. It is the year of the golden ox, and will be a year where the heaven and earth have great transformations. Xin Chou is a time-space concept within the Lunar calendar, “Xin” represents “gold” and “prosperity”, “Chou” represents “ox” and “hard work”.

Although we are still within the global pandemic, we--as Tasmanians--have been very fortunate to be in a safe state where COVID-19 is under control. While some large events have been postponed or cancelled this year, it was wonderful to join in some events proceeding over the Lunar New Year period.

For the Academy, Lunar New Year celebrations kicked off when we returned to the foreshore of the Regatta Grounds on 7 February 2021 to perform the lion, dragon and sword dances. A week later, we joined with many of the Chinese community at the Chinese New Year Festival at Hobart Town Hall, hosted by the Federation of Chinese Associations of Tasmania. The event showcased a range of dance and music performances from young and senior performers.

Royal Hobart Regatta - Chinese New Year Festival

On 19 February, the Multicultural Council of Tasmania hosted the Multicultural Festival at Long Beach, at the Hobart Twilight Market. Featuring an array of cultural performances, the event was well-attended by state and community leaders, including Governor of Tasmania, Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AC and Mr. Warner. A video recapping the event is available here:

Multicultural Festival, Long Beach

Our Chinese New Year celebrations wrapped up at the Banjo's New Norfolk Market on the 27 February 2021. Known as the friendliest market in Tasmania, it was an honour to bring the lion, dragon and sword dances to the Derwent Valley.

Banjo's New Norfolk Market, Derwent Valley

In something different (though related!) to lion dance -- thank you to Lucie Cutting from ABC Radio who invited two of the lion team members onto live radio to talk about what lion dance means to them, in a feature to celebrate Lunar New Year. You can find the interview here: Serenity, fraternity and brotherhood: ingredients to the lion dance

We hope this golden ox brings about the transformation required to upheave the misfortune that nature has confronted us with, allowing the lives of the citizens of the world to gradually return to normal.

Wishing everyone a happy Xin Chou year of the ox, auspiciousness and perfection, good health in the body and mind, and success in all endeavours!


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