An Evening at Parliament House

The Academy participated in a fundraising event ‘An Evening at Parliament House’, held by Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller. During the event, guest speaker, Salvation Army Street To Home team leader Don McCrae, spoke about the current homelessness situation, and the work that charities like Salvation Army and Hobart City Mission have been undertaking to help the crisis. For 900 years, the Order has been assisting the underprivileged.

FECCA 會議探索更多元開放的澳大利亞

十月九日至十一日,澳大利亞民族社區理事會聯合會(FECCA)於霍巴特舉行了每兩年一度的會議,主題為〝目的、領袖能力、進展:歷四十年及將來〞。今年,塔州多元文化局成為合作單位,因為雙方在澳大利亞多元文化領域合作已四十載。 本佛教學院被邀參與歡迎會、開幕式和慶祝晚宴。本次會議邀得超過300名文化背景多樣的嘉賓,來自澳大利亞各地。而發言嘉賓則包括政治、學術、多元文化社區領袖及學生代表。 會議中的主要議題之一,是如何在澳大利亞多民族群體和原住民之間架構橋樑。而會議為有共同理想的組織及人仕,提供分享知識和實踐的機會,探索多元澳大利亞走向繁榮、創意、進步的未來的潛在挑戰及工作。

FECCA National Conference - 40th Anniversary

The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia held its biennial conference themed “Purpose, Leadership, Progress: 40 years and beyond” in Hobart on 9th - 11th October. This year the conference partnered with the Multicultural Council of Tasmania, in what was their joint 40th year of progressing multiculturalism in Australia. The Academy was invited to the Welcome reception, Opening ceremony and Gala Dinner. The conference welcomed more than 300 attendees from diverse cultural backgrounds all over Australia. Invited guest speakers included politicians, university academics, leaders of multicultural communities and student representatives. One of the main issues discussed during

Committing to a great cause

Vajra Sheng-Yuan, renowned pianist of Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia, has committed himself to a good cause in fundraising for Save the Children (Australia). This weekend (5 & 6 Oct) and next Sunday (13 Oct) between 1-5pm, Vajra Sheng-Yuan is doing a piano-a-thon and will be live streaming it. You can request a song for $3 by chatting with him live on the YouTube link, and he will do his best to play it. Donations can be sent via PayPal to his email:; log on to Paypal, go to "send and request", enter his email and put in desired amount. Alternatively you can also go onto the YouTube link and watch him play, and feel free to leave a few words of enc


澳大利亞最優秀的青少年鋼琴家之一,中國漢傳密宗佛教轉世者,14歲的金剛聖源,在10月5日,10月6日和10月13日,下午一時至五時,舉行鋼琴馬拉松 piano-a-thon 籌款活動,籌得款項全數捐贈給慈善組織 Save the Children。 馬拉松實況,於YouTube 的Sheng Yuan Music中實況直播。您可以每小時固定數額,或一次性捐助善款以表支持,亦可以每首三元的點歌方式行善助樂。善款請以paypal形式,捐至。 直播網址: 期待您的善心支持,共襄盛舉,給孩童們一個生機勃勃的未來!

ABN  72 556 293 482