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Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia

The Holy Dharma Lion Dance is one of the Dynamic Dhyana Dharani training items of Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia. The lion dance represents bravery, righteousness and yet possess enormous amiability. Those who train and practise this form of Dynamic Dhyana are able to eliminate all illnesses of the body and mind, as well as regulate the 74,000 minute and micro energy channels of the human body.

Dynamic Dhyana is relative to Tranquil Dhyana meditation; one dynamic and one tranquil assists the practice to reach a higher spiritual level, alongside spreading and radiating the spiritual energy as bestowed by Buddha to sentient beings with the correct conditions. Within the training of Dynamic Dhyana, there is always dynamic within tranquil, and tranquil within dynamic, regulating the 74,000 minute and micro energy channels, so as to attain a healthy mind and body.

Within Buddhist Dharma, lions imply courageousness and power of the correct Dharma, triumphing over negative energies. Hence, at the front of Chinese Han Transmission Buddhist temples, there are commonly a pair of lions, one male and one female; their presence amazes the heart and spirit with awe.

The lively, strong, agile and amiable actions of the Holy Dharma Lion Dance of Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia attracts and fascinates those who witness it. The Holy Dharma Lion Dance has been performed more than 500 times in multiple large and small cities of Australia, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Hobart, along with various overseas countries, receiving widespread welcome from those enthusiastic in Chinese culture and Chinese Buddhist culture.