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The Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia is a spiritual gift dedicated to the country and people of Australia from Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia.

The Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia is proposed to be constructed on 1384 Tea Tree Road, Campania, which has a total site area of over a hundred hectares. We believe its magnificent scale and traditional oriental building style will bring vibrant colours and diversity to the local community and to Tasmania, becoming another iconic tourist attraction of Tasmania.

The construction will be completed in different stages. The funding for the construction will come from the donations of Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism’s worldwide devotees; therefore, depending on the availability of funding, we estimate there will be 10-20 stages over a 200-year period.

Traditional Chinese Buddhist Culture

We believe the Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia will improve and bring positive motivation for world peace, economic prosperity and climatic anomalies. Concomitantly, promoting the connection and communication between human and the universe to bring good fortune to mankind.

Our Patriarch Master, Bhagavan Zhi-Ji Vimalakirti applied traditional Chinese geomancy principles and surveyed many places around the world; he discovered a Dragon Energy Spine (a time-space tunnel) at 1384 Tea Tree Road, with its “dragonhead” crouching upon this time- space channel. According to our traditional beliefs, when temples are constructed upon this time-space tunnel and Buddhist Tantric ceremonies are performed, it may help to prevent and avert the heartless havoc of natural calamities.

Worldwide Buddhist Learning Centre

Traditional Chinese Imperial Court Buddhist Temples are built with unique architectural designs that reflect ideologies of Chinese traditions. The vibrant colours and meticulous designs reflect Chinese people’s understanding of their connection with the heavens.

As a worldwide Buddhist learning and worshipping centre, the Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia presents Buddhist history and culture by displaying Buddhist sculptures, statues, architecture, arts, paintings, and images. It is proposed to include modern facilities, including Buddhist museums, a conference hall, auditorium, and multimedia centres in addition to the traditional Sakyamuni Buddha Temple, Maitreya Buddha Temple, Avalokitesvara Buddha Temple, Manjushri Buddha Temple, the Medicine Buddha Temple, scriptural libraries and Relics Stupa.

The Park will be open to worldwide religious practitioners of various schools and traditions, academic scholars and professionals, as well as general tourists, becoming a dynamic cultural, learning and knowledge exchange centre.

First Stage

Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia is proposed to have ten main temples with various ancillary facilities and constructions. Majority of the facilities and buildings will showcase the style of traditional Chinese imperial court Buddhist temples. Once finished, it will be the largest Buddhist temple complex in the Southern Hemisphere. It will be a major educational and worship centre for all Holy Tantra Buddhist practitioners.

The First Stage comprises of the Front Gate, Drum Tower and Bell Tower. The Sakyamuni Buddha Temple (the Great Hero Hall) will also be constructed during this stage. Supporting facilities and tourism facilities will be gradually added in line with the overall development progress of the main temple constructions.

As a preliminary start of the first stage of the project, the two Guardian Lions and Four Great Heavenly Devas were installed.

3D Conceptual Video of the future Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia

Conceptual Model of the future Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia
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