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Our Vision & Future Plans

The Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia is proposed to be constructed on 1384 Tea Tree Road, Campania, which has a total site area of over a hundred hectares. We believe its magnificent scale and traditional oriental building style will bring vibrant colours and diversity to the local community and to Tasmania, becoming another iconic tourist attraction of Tasmania. The construction will be completed in different stages.

2 Guardian Lions & 4 Great Heavenly Devas

As a preliminary start of the first stage of the project, the two Guardian Lions and Four Great Heavenly Devas were installed. The consecration of stone lion statues at Buddhist temples has the function of protecting and guarding all ten directions, while the Four Great Heavenly Devas are Dharma-protecting deva deities of Buddhism. These statues were officially opened on 15 May 2016, in a ceremony with over 1200 people attending.

Opening of 2 Guardian Lions and 4 Heavenly Devas Statues

15th May 2016, the Ninth day of the Fourth month of the Lunar Calendar, was a day when auspiciousness descended on Earth. On the Sunday that followed Buddha’s birthday, Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia held the Official Opening of the Two Guardian Stone Lions and Four Great Heavenly Devas Holy Statues, and guests from ten directions were invited; in this auspicious event, they bore witness to the preliminary steps of the future Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia.

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