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12th Annual Academic Symposium

On 26 July 2020, the sixth day of the sixth month of the Geng zi year, the Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia solemnly and auspiciously held the 12th Academic Symposium via Zoom.

The tow of shared karma of mankind has resulted in the current pandemic plaguing the entire world. The originally smooth and effortless travel around the world has temporarily been obstructed with many countries implementing border controls. The borders of Tasmania, Australia, where the Buddhist Academy resides, has also been in lockdown. In response to these unique causes and conditions, the Buddhist Academy utilised modern technology and convened this year’s symposium using an online platform. The Academy performed the various holy rituals and academic exchanges of this year’s symposium through virtual space to pray for the Great Holy Sakyamuni Buddha to protect and bless this Saha world, aid and guide sentient beings to advance passed this century’s pandemic.

With the convenience of modern technology, this year’s academic symposium surpassed the limitations of time and space, welcoming over 500 attendees from various countries and regions around the world. Amongst the guests that attended online were Sri Lankan Maha Thero, the Lifetime Secretary-General of the World Buddhist Sangha Youth, Most Venerable Anurrudha Maha Thero; Founder of the Australian Chinese Buddhist Association, Elder Bodhisattva Hong; and Secretary-General of the Federation of Chinese Associations Tasmania, Mr. Kai Yang.

Following the traditions of Chinese Han Transmission Tantrayana Buddhism – Holy Tantra Gu Fan Mi Jin-Gang-Dhyana Buddhism, the symposium drew open its curtains with the Holy Ancient Indian Vaiseli Bhagavan Fo Fan Chi Ming Indra Net Homa Holy Ritual, subsequently the Flag Holy Ritual promoting the School tradition of “Revering the Master, Respecting the Path, Concrete Practice and Personal Realisation” was conducted. This was then followed with the holy ritual welcoming Ancient Indian Vaiseli Bhagavan Fo Fan Chi Ming Lineage Transmission Holy Tantra Dharma Implements. The Permanent President of Tasmania Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia, Bhagavan Zhi-Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master, ascended the Dharma throne to deliver the Holy Tantra Dragon Discourse regarding Holy Tantra Teaching Forms of “Buddha’s Three Kaya”, “Sajbhoga Kaya”, “the mind-generated kaya”, and “Buddha’s Five Wisdom”, to unravel the academic discussions with this year’s symposium.

During the symposium, the Dean of Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia, Great Holy Jewel Elder Guru Vajra Hong-Jing delivered the Academy’s annual report summarising the various events and achievements of the Academy during 2019, along with looking forward to the future.

The theme of this year’s academic symposium was “A Brief Discussion on How Humanity Can Draw Philosophical Inspiration from and Reflect on COVID-19”, with the hope of providing some spiritual and academic consideration regarding this important theme that can aid in the fight against the pandemic and transforming the fortune of all mankind.

The treatise judging committee of this year’s academic symposium received over 140 academic papers which came in a variety of new and creative forms. There were drawings from junior practitioners less than 5 years of age that were submitted, along with treatise written by senior Elder Gurus that combined teaching and yoga forms with a high level of academic nature. The papers all revolved around topics of COVID-19, discussing the pandemic from various perspectives and how the current situation can bring about philosophical inspiration. They also expanded on how to use the holy teaching form, yoga form, precept form and perfection form of Buddha Dharma to face the current crisis in order to benefit oneself and others, and assist sentient beings around the globe.

Bhagavan Zhi-Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master personally critiqued and made holy instructions regarding selected papers with the Academy’s Translation and Interpretation Department’s Head, Great Holy Jewel Chief Attendant Vajra Fa-Cheng, providing immediate English translation. After academic discussions filled with rich content and enthusiasm, the symposium entered into the awards ceremony. President of Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia, Elder Guru Vajra Long-Sheng, announced the list of awardees whom were presented with certificates by the Dean.

The 12th Academic Symposium of Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia begun with the holy reverberations of the Kai Yuan Holy Tantra Drum and Gong, under such Buddha music and holy sounds the symposium curtain drew to a close in perfection.


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