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Six Stone Statues - Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Cultural Park

Since the 1 March 2016, Hutchinson Builders commenced placement of the four 7m tall Heavenly Devas and two 4m tall lion statues at Tea Tree Rd., Campania.

Today marks the conclusion of the statues’ establishment, with the two lion statues placed in their rightful place.

The Hutchinson builders and managers praised the beauty and grandeur of the statues, which are an integral part of our Chinese culture.

We are very excited with this development, as it has been a long time coming, and it marks the first sight of our preliminary stage of the Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Cultural Park.

For those who are interested in seeing the statues, there is a verge on either side of Tea Tree Rd., where you can stop the car and enjoy the sight of the majestic statues.

We are grateful to local, state and federal governments’ support, as well as the support of all our dear friends and the Tasmanian community.

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