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Students from Campania District School's excursion to Stone Lions & Great Heavenly Devas

On 20th June 2016, as per the request of teachers at Campania District School, Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia received 40 students from Grade 7 and 8 and took them on an exclusive tour of the 2 Guardian Stone Lions and 4 Great Heavenly Devas. Conducted under the supervision of two teachers from the School, this tour formed part of their school unit on Ancient China and Chinese history. Three Elder Gurus from the Academy explained to the students the significance of these 6 statues, both from a general traditional Chinese cultural perspective, as well as towards our proposed development. They also introduced to the students the importance of placing these statues on the coordinates on which they are now erected on, and how it carries spiritual universal values. After the tour, they also had the opportunity to view “Dream Samadhi”, the conceptual video of our proposed Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia, to further their understanding on Chinese architecture and Chinese Buddhist architecture.

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