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"Australia Tour 2016 – Footprint" by Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra

In the afternoon of 7th August 2016, upon invitation from renowned Tasmanian pianist Professor Shan Deng, Bhagavan Zhi-Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master Wang led a delegation of 65 members from Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia, including Holy Tantra Elder Gurus, Holy Tantra Gurus, Holy Tantra Reincarnated Practitioners and Holy Tantra Practitioners to attend the Australia Tour 2016 – Footprint, a concert performed by the Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra, held at Federation Concert Hall of the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart.

The Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra is entirely comprised of local Macao youngsters; members come from universities, colleges and even elementary schools. The orchestra has performed over 200 concerts both nationally and internationally, nurturing and fostering a multitude of outstanding musicians. Although the members of the orchestra are young, they strive for perfection in maturity and professionalism, along with mutual harmonious cooperation, becoming an orchestra of international class originating from the small city of Macao, receiving extensive critical acclaim and praise from the music industry. The concert held in Hobart was widely welcomed by all walks of Hobartian life with notable attendees such as former legislative council member, The Honourable Adriana Taylor, Chinese Community Association of Tasmania President Daniel Chan and Mrs. Lily Chan, Chief Editor of Tasmania Chinese newspaper Ms. Jiang Shan, Australia-China Friendship Association Tasmanian Chapter President Ms. Jan Everett, along with many leaders of society and Chinese communities.

During the concert, the young musicians played pieces from modern Russian composer Peter Llyich Tchaikovsky, symphonies by Sergei Prokofiev, and pieces by modern Chinese composer Doming Lam. Attendees of the concert listened and followed the music as if entering into the tactfully delicate and colourful realm of the composer’s feelings and emotions, permeating through layer upon layer of time space dimensions projected by the consciousness, experiencing the various realms of the antarabhava of art and the antarabhava of music.

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