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Fujian Symphony Orchestra Australia Tour - Hobart Concert

On the evening of 8th December 2016, members from Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia attended the concert of the Fujian Symphony Orchestra’s Australia Tour, showcasing “The Echoes of Hakka’s Earth Buildings”. Attendees from both the Chinese and Western local community filled the Federation Concert Hall in Hobart to enjoy an energetic yet euphonic orchestral performance.

The audience were also given the opportunity to observe one of China’s most prominent and respected conductors; Maestro Zheng Xiaoying, who is also the first female opera-symphony conductor in China, led the orchestra through the five-part symphonic epic “The Echoes of Hakka’s Earth Buildings”. The 87 year-old has been a recipient of numerous international and national prestigious awards and recognitions, including the French Literature and Arts Medal of Honour, the Russia-China Friendship Medal of Honour as well as the title of China’s Cultural Figure.

A fine example of East meets West, the first part of the concert also featured an Australian piano soloist, who joined the orchestra in their performance of Piano Concerto “Yellow River” led by female conductor Gao Song. All performances were very well-received, with Maestro Xiaoying twice returning to the stage to grace the audience with an encore following vigorous applause.

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