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[NOTICE] “Silk Road to Brush and Painting in Tasmania”

Jointly initiated by the Hong Kong Religious Culture Research Institute, the Chinese Ethnic and Religious Culture Promotion Association, the Hong Kong Religious Charity Foundation and the Chinese Religious Charity Foundation, and hosted by Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia, the event: “Silk Road to Brush and Painting in Tasmania” is aimed to achieve harmony and cultural exchanges between China and Australia. Through realising the Silk Road spirit of world unity; one family under the heavens; harmonious cooperation; openness and inclusiveness; and mutual learning and mutual benefit, we can shape the Sino-Australian Dream together. The ancient Chinese philosopher, Han Feizi, once said, “Men of yore endeavoured to be known as moral and virtuous; those of the middle age struggled to be known as wise and resourceful; and now, men fight for the reputation of being vigorous and powerful.” The convergence of famous domestic painters and calligraphers have not only planted deep roots in Chinese reading culture, but also committed to organically integrate painting and calligraphy culture into religious culture. Through mutual exchange and intertwining with the soul of the Silk Road, with the Silk Road Spirit, Sino-Australian cultural exchanges and cooperation will be promoted to a new height. The programme includes: Live paper-cutting and painting Featuring artists - Mr. Duan Mu Xiang Gong, Vice President of China Central Academy of Fine Arts; Honorary President of America Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy - Ms. Fang Dai, successor of the Chinese Cultural Heritage of paper-cutting; most accomplished paper-cutting artist in China; honoured the title of “Shen-Jian” - magical cutter Works on display include: 10-metre-long “18 Arhants” & 100-metre-long “500 Arhants”, paper-cuttings of the most accomplished students of Buddha Details of the event are as follows: FREE ENTRY VENUE Ci Bei Temple, Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia 77 Collins Street, Hobart, TAS 7000 DATE Friday 30 June 2017 Exhibition launch • 9:30am for 10am to 10:45am Exhibition open to 4pm

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