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World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day

Tai Chi is an important concept in Chinese ideology. In the West, when it comes to Tai Chi, many westerners know of it as a type of Chinese martial arts. No matter whether it is a martial arts, or understood as a theory, the recognition of Tai Chi among the western world is a sign of the widespread influence of Chinese culture worldwide. World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day is held on the last Saturday of April each year. More than 80 countries around the world celebrate by holding gatherings to promote the understanding and practice of the Chinese traditional Tai Chi and Qi Gong. In Hobart, Tasmania, the Jian Shen School of Tai Chi, founded by a longtime friend of the Academy — Mr. Bill Pearson, held a gathering at the symbolic International Wall of Friendship. A Tai Chi demonstration was held to promote the understanding of Tai Chi as a traditional Chinese practice that brings longevity. The International Wall of Friendship is a place of recognition and commemoration — commemorating the countries of immigrants to Tasmania. Consequently, it is really fitting to hold the World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day there. An elder guru and two reincarnated beings represented the Academy at the event, and sent congratulatory messages of support to our longtime friend, Bill.


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