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SOON TO DEBUT IN HOBART: China Oriental Song & Dance Troupe

The most famous national-level song and dance troupe in China, China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe – to perform in HOBART on 30 January! In Chinese literature and art circles, the China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe is not only a famous name — it is also a collective memory of a generation.

At 7:30 pm on 30 January 2019, the China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe will bring you the national treasure and virtuosic masterpiece “A Splendour of China” at the Wrest Point Hobart, showcasing the nation of etiquette as seen through the eyes of Chinese people, and the splendour of China as seen through the eyes of the world! With art as the language and emotion as the main body, this show will present majestic quality as well as elegant and stylish charisma.

Disseminating Chinese culture and honouring the elegance of the East, it will undoubtedly treat you to a different view of Chinese civilisation and customs!

The event is ticketed. Tickets can be bought at Ticketmaster, alternatively discounted tickets can be purchased from our headquarters at 77 Collins St, Hobart during business hours (10am - 5pm, Monday - Friday at the dental clinic on ground floor). To reserve tickets for payment and collection, please call 6234 6088.

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