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Bridging Cambodia and China with Friendship, Education

Mid-Autumn Festival Special Report

Master Wang and a delegation from the Academy was invited to participate in the Cambodia-China Friendship Summit, and learn from the charity work undertaken by Venerable Ming Yi, President of Cambodia-China Buddhist Education Association.

During the summit, delegates participated in a series of activities around Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, including:

visiting important Buddhist temples and paying respect to senior monks;

participating in Buddhist dharma exchange, plus charitable and educational work discussion;

participating in Cambodia-China Buddhist Education Association Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony.

The Cambodia-China Buddhist Education Association Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony was held at the serene Wat Botum (Temple of Lotus Blossom), a temple built in 1442CE, located south of the Royal Palace and west of Wat Botum Park, a short distance from the Mekong River bank.

Under the colourful murals of the ceremonial hall at Wat Botum, the ceremony commenced with five Cambodian dancers performing a traditional flower dance, as a blessing to the friendship between Cambodia and China. It was attended by notable guests including former Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia, Venerable Khem Sorn, Mr. Hongtao Sun of South East Asia Chinese Federation Association.

During the ceremony, Master Wang received an Award of Outstanding Worldwide Buddhism Dissemination. Mr. Wen of Shenzhen Dongxia Education Technology Ltd also gifted 600 gifts of backpacks, notepads and pens to locals students, to assist them in their schooling.

Cambodia and China’s exchange began more than 2,000 years ago. Interestingly, historical Cambodian dynasties such as Chenla and Funan were named by ancient Chinese historians. Today, Buddhist practitioners are continuing this ancient tradition, in furthering the friendship between the two ancient nations.

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