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Committing to a great cause

Vajra Sheng-Yuan, renowned pianist of Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia, has committed himself to a good cause in fundraising for Save the Children (Australia).

This weekend (5 & 6 Oct) and next Sunday (13 Oct) between 1-5pm, Vajra Sheng-Yuan is doing a piano-a-thon and will be live streaming it. You can request a song for $3 by chatting with him live on the YouTube link, and he will do his best to play it.

Donations can be sent via PayPal to his email:; log on to Paypal, go to "send and request", enter his email and put in desired amount.

Alternatively you can also go onto the YouTube link and watch him play, and feel free to leave a few words of encouragement! All proceeds will go to Team Save the Children (Australia).



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