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2568 Buddha's Birthday

On a brisk late autumn Tasmanian morning, we opened the doors to the headquarters of the Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia for the celebration of Buddha's birthday, on Sunday 19 May.

Friends, local politicians including Deputy Lord Mayor of Hobart Councillor Dr Zelinda Sherlock; Mayor of Glenorchy City Council, Alderman Sue Hickey, Deputy Mayor of City of Clarence Alderman Heather Chong; community leaders, religious representatives, leaders of the Chinese community, and good friends from all walks of life joined us as we commemorate the most significant date on the Buddhist calendar. We were also honoured to welcome Yao Zili, renowned calligrapher and his daughter to Hobart; Artist Yao also presented a precious 20m scroll of the Vajra Sutra, handwritten by Artist Yao himself, to honour the occasion of the Buddha's birthday.


Guests partook in the grand and solemn ritual of celebrating the birth of the Great Holy Sakyamuni Buddha, with female guests taking on the role of the Buddha’s mother – Buddha Mother Madame Maya’s personification, reenacting the holy scene of the birth of crown prince Siddhartha Gautama. Male guests represent Buddhas of multiple heavens decanting holy water, bathing the holy body of the crown prince. Thus, all present were able to cleanse the afflictions of body and mind, realise and experience spiritual pure enlightenment, and as a unity together tread the ‘three karma transforming into the three tantra’ path of attaining Buddhahood in the current lifetime.

After the official formalities of the Ceremony, guests savoured in birthday cakes and enjoyed the musical performances by various members of the Academy, including the newly formed all-ages choir!!


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