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Gr5/6 from Campania District School visits Guardian Lions and Heavenly Devas

On 20 March 2017, Grade 5/6 students from Campania District School visited the site of the proposed Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia as part of their studies on Chinese culture at school. On the request of teachers, members from Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia gave the students an exclusive tour of the 2 Guardian Stone Lions and 4 Great Heavenly Devas.

The visit comes after students learnt basic knowledge of Chinese culture, history and language from their school studies; this was evident as students were very engaged throughout the tour, asking many insightful questions and made thoughtful comments. Members from the Academy explained the general significance of the statues, as well as the Buddhist and cosmic spiritual importance of the erection of these statues at the site, and also towards our proposed development. After the tour, the students had an opportunity to view “Dream Samadhi”, the conceptual video outlining the proposed development of Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia, furthering their understanding on Chinese and Buddhist architecture and traditions. The video also introduced new concepts such as Ancient Chinese astrology and geology (geomancy), as well as the universal spiritual value and significance embodied within these philosophies. 

For the Academy, it is heartening and encouraging that future generations are showing an interest towards the learning of eastern culture, as acceptance of Chinese and more so, Buddhist culture and values begin with accepting attitudes such as those displayed by the students today.

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