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World Tai Chi Day

Upon invitation from Mr. Bill Pearson of the local Hobart Jian Shen School of Tai Chi in Tasmania, Bhagavan Zhi-Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master led a delegation of Holy Tantra Elder Gurus, Holy Tantra Gurus, Holy Tantra Practitioners and Holy Tantra Reincarnated Practitioners of Tasmania Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia to attend the “World Tai Chi Day” event on Saturday, 29 April 2017.

The last Saturday of April every year has been recognised as “World Tai Chi Day”. On this day, people of different ethnicities, different skin colours, different ages and different faiths gather together in over 100 different cities and 10 countries to promote a healthy lifestyle and advocate balanced harmony of the mental and spiritual life.

The theme for this year’s World Tai Chi Day is “One World – One Breath”. The event in Hobart, Tasmania was held at the International Wall of Friendship at the Immigration building in Tasmania. Mr. Bill Pearson invited Tai Chi masters of different schools in Hobart to demonstrate and tutor class members and those who were interested in Tai Chi. Everyone had a mutual exchange of ideas and techniques, mutually learning from each other with both teachers and students developing henceforth.

The warm sun of the first month of a Tasmanian winter shined upon the arena with a light breeze, leaves falling elegantly and birds singing, accompanied by the trickling sound of the fountain at the International Wall of Friendship, class members steadily breathed in and out with strides that are large and swift at times, and paces that were calm and serene. Males and females, young and elderly alike all practised Tai Chi with solemnity, sincerity and passion emanating from their each and every movement.

Tai Chi embodies the integration of heaven and earth; the combination of dynamic and tranquil; the mutual congruence of Yin and Yang; and the appropriate tension and relaxation. “To become a holy being, one must have the moral character that corresponds to the merits of heaven and earth, the brilliance of the sun and moon, the order of the four seasons, and the qualities of spirits and deities”. The omnipresent Tai Chi has been utilised by the ancient Chinese civilisation; since its conception to its development in the modern day, Tai Chi was initially transmitted through the generations in secrecy, then extensively disclosed itself becoming popular around the world. Gradually, more ethnic groups and people have learnt and loved Tai Chi; it has become a spiritual treasure shared by the society of mankind, and is a symbol of the progression of social civilisation.

Upon the request of Mr. Bill Pearson, the four Vajra Yong-Cheng Reincarnated Practitioners demonstrated the Dynamic Dhyana Dharani Body Mudra of the doctrinal song Buddha is the Great Physician Lord.

The intangible cultural heritage of Holy Tantra Dynamic Dhyana Dharani within the School is an important vessel of the traditional spiritual culture of China. At its core, Holy Tantra Dynamic Dhyana Dharani embodies the ultimate virtuous kindness compassion and wisdom of protecting sentient beings to not get injured; abiding by the rules of ‘all phenomena of the universe returning to the spirituality of transcendence’ as its compassionate and wise fundamental Dharma principle, Holy Tantra Dynamic Dhyana Dharani integrates martial theories with Gu Fan Mi Dharma returning to the energy of the universe, demonstrating its unique style of movement of softness within hardness, hardness within softness, softness within softness and true hardness in soft softness.

The holy dance of Dharani body mudra is vigorous; accompanied by the music of Holy Tantra doctrinal songs, Holy Tantra forms and styles are layer upon layer, one after another enacting the grand theatre of delivering sentient beings, allowing the sentient beings present to unknowingly receive the Holy Tantra ambrosia nectar; entering into the Holy Tantra Ten Dharma Realm Mandala established by Bhagavan Zhi-Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master so as to personally plant holy seeds and personally realise their holy fruits, experiencing 74 quadrillion spiritual particles, photons and Qi quanta, practising humans and the universe are a disconnected unity, and realising sunyata eternity.

Upon leaving, Mr. Bill Pearson and Bhagavan Zhi-Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch fondly spoke of their long friendship, and Mr. Pearson thanked Bhagavan Zhi-Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master and Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia for their continued support.

Deep breathes,

The air of Tasmania is fresh and friendly,

The rays of the sun on our faces,

Much akin to the tender loving care of a mother,

The great love for sentient beings from all Buddhas is omnipresent.

Sentient beings bathing in the ambrosia nectar,

You are all so fortunate!

You all have great fortune!

May everyone be happy!

May everyone have peace!

We celebrate for having this fortunate holy condition,

To share it this beautiful moment with you all!

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