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Every year, to celebrate Australia Day, “A Day on the Beach” celebratory event is held at Kingston Beach; this event celebrates all things Australian - enjoying aerobatics, sports, summer, BBQ and a variety of entertainment.

The Academy was invited to perform a lion dance to a welcoming crowd.

On ano...

On Friday 24 January 2020, the Tasmanian Planning Commission approved the amendments to the Southern Midlands Interim Planning Scheme 2015 to facilitate development of the Tasmanian Buddhist Cultural Park of Australia.

Under section 42(3)(b) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993, the amendm...

This year’s theme of World Religion Day was “the Oneness of Humanity”. In Hobart, religious representatives congregated at Baháʼí Centre of Learning to celebrate World Religion Day. This day was created to promote and facilitate mutual understanding and harmony amongst different religions and faiths...

The recent bushfires around Australia has been affecting thousands of homes, burned 26 million acres and counting.

Lives has been lost including dozens of Australians and an estimated half to 1 billion animals, including wildlife and livestock.

Tens of thousands of people in the path of the bushfires...

【霍巴特賑災義演】本週日(2019年12月22日)下午3:30 在77 Collins Street,塔州華人社團聯合會自發舉辦悉尼森林大火賑災文藝義演。門票$10/人,收入全部捐給悉尼;義演全部由華人社區的小朋友們表演!塔州著名年輕鋼琴家林聖源將作壓軸演出。

Join us this Sunday for an arts afternoon raising funds to help the Sydney Bushfire relief! The afternoon will feature music and dance performances from up and coming young performers.

小轉世者金剛聖源在霍巴特市鎮廳舉行了一場鋼琴演奏籌款活動,為 The Hutchins School 男校音樂部籌得 $2,150,協助學校培養更多音樂英才。

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