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2561 Bathing Buddha Ceremony

The “Mother’s Day” of Buddhists – Bathing Buddha Festival - An Account of the 2561 Bathing Buddha Holy Ceremony of Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia

The curtain of the 2561st Bathing Buddha Holy Ceremony was auspiciously opened on the morning of 14 May 2017 at the educational institute of Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia in the city centre of Hobart. Coincidentally, today is also Mother’s Day in the western culture. As Buddhists conducting Buddha Bathing Holy Ceremonies celebrating the holy birthday of the Great Holy Sakyamuni Buddha, and commemorating the perfect completion of the grand historical mission of the mother of Great Holy Buddha – Buddha Mother Madame Maya, in this present day where the exchange of western and eastern culture prevails, it was a coincidence arranged by the heavens to mutually celebrate Mother’s Day. This day also coincided with the supreme arrival of the Universal time-wheel, as today is the historical day of our motherland China convening “The Belt and Road” summit conference. State heads, political leaders and national representatives of various countries around the world gathered in Beijing to discuss a long term grand plans of strategic docking and win-win cooperations initiated by the President of China Xi Jinping, so as to promote global economic cooperation, trading development and synergy between Eastern and Western cultures. The first floor of the educational institute named Asraya Palace was filled with over 200 guests, including community leaders, political leaders, religious representatives, Chinese leaders and various new and old friends from all walks of life; guests included Tasmanian Leader of the Opposition The Honourable Rebecca White MP, Senator the Honourable Lisa Singh, Acting Lord Mayor of Hobart Alderman Ron Christie and his wife, Independent Member of the House of Representatives Mr. Andrew Wilkie MHR, 2017 Tasmanian Australian of the Year Ms. Rosie Martin, the Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook of Chinese in Australia Prof. Xiaoyang Feng and Economic Times Chief Correspondent and President Mr. Donghui Ong. Bhagavan Zhi-Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master presided over the unrevealed world time-space jie jie (purification and establishment of a mandala field), allowing for the descent of grand auspiciousness inside and outside the three Realms. The Holy Tantra Elder Gurus, Holy Tantra Gurus, Holy Tantra Practitioners, Holy Tantra Reincarnated Practitioners and Holy Tantra Devotee representatives came to partake in the Holy Ceremony from various countries and regions, such as the World Headquarters in Australia, China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), U.S.A., Canada, England, Vietnam, Korea and Indonesia, along with local meditation class members through ying ji gan kou (spiritual coupling in according to the circumstances), and under the spiritual guidance of Bhagavan Zhi-Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master, personally practised the ultimate virtuous kindness compassion and wisdom of the Great Holy Sakyamuni Buddha. From this, generating supreme and infinite, sunya supreme meaning bhava‭, ‬sunya Holy Tantra bhava‭, ‬Holy Tantra grand application to benefit countless sentient beings with holy conditions‭.‬ Many guests made speeches filled with passion (full text will be published separately) praising the contributions that Bhagavan Zhi-Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master and the Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia have made to the Tasmanian community, praising Buddhism and highly acknowledging the spiritual level compassion, wisdom, harmony, non-violence and equality doctrines of Buddhism. Holy Tantra Elder Guru Lion Roar‭,‬ Holy Tantra‭ ‬Purification‭, ‬Good Fortune and Dedication‭,‬ Holy Tantra Dynamic Dhyana Mudra Valor‭,‬ Holy Tantra Reincarnated Practitioners’‭ ‬Flourishing Previous Life Experience‭,‬ Holy Tantra Spiritual Piano Music Incessantly Reverberating‭.‬‭ ‬ Led in by two lion tamers, two big lions, two medium lions and four small lions enacted Holy Tantra Dharma Lion, extensively spinning the Holy Tantra Dharma Wheel with their lion roar, lion dance and lion Dharani echoing throughout, mutually performing on the same stage, the grand theatre of delivering sentient beings. Accompanied by Holy Tantra Doctrinal Song Fan (Ancient Indian) music, Holy Tantra Reincarnated Practitioners displayed the spirit of a Holy Tantra Practitioner “one Alms bowl for a thousand households, a lone Sangha traversing tens of thousands of miles” to extensively disseminate Holy Dharma; fearless against hardships and danger, courageously progressing forward, overcoming all obstacles, only asking the clouds for directions, and determined to never retrogress. Following the sacred hoisting of the Holy Tantra Vajra Red Cloud solemnly wielded by the Holy Tantra Female Elder Gurus, all female guests were invited to act as Mahamaya Deva, demonstrating that the moving moment where female sentient beings attaining the current life achievement of becoming Mahamaya Deva has arrived. In an instant, the Asraya Palace was filled with rainbows, recreating the holy circumstance of the Great Holy Sakyamuni Buddha being born with the nine dragons decanting water, multiple heavens celebrating together, rainbows across the skies and pink clouds reflecting the sun. Male guests acted as representatives of Buddhas of Multiple Heavens, incessantly decanting Tathagata holy water from Bhagavan Vajra Dharmadhatu Palace, bathing the holy body of Prince Siddhartha, bringing pure Holy Tantra ambrosia to sentient beings sinking in the burning house – that is the 3 Realms. From this time onwards, the human realm had Buddhist Dharma, sentient being therefore had hope, and Buddhist Dharma was yet again able to demonstrate the compassionate fundamental concern to elevate all sentient being, so their spiritual lives may all attain ultimate liberation. Towards the end of the Bathing Buddha Holy Ceremony, birthday cakes were shared with all guests. Similar to previous years, this is an integration of the elements of Western culture, and according to the doctrines of Mahayana Buddhism: “everyone has Buddha nature, everyone is Buddha”; celebrating the holy birthday of the Great Holy Buddha is to celebrate the birthday of all sentient beings. Ever since Chinese Han Transmission Tantrayana Buddhism – Holy Tantra Gu Fan Mi Jin-Gang-Dhyana Buddhism opened towards the public, the annual Bathing Buddha Holy Ceremony in Hobart – with the unique Chinese Han Transmission Tantrayana Buddhist rituals as its outer appearance, spiritual civilisation of Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism as its inner content, and the supreme multicultural “banquet” through many years – has already become a beautiful scene on the landscape of Tasmania. Without doubt, this is the embodiment of the attainment of perfect success of the multicultural policy promoted by Australia. We wish all Buddhist around the world, auspicious festivities and mutual enjoyment of Dharma bliss! We also wish that all mothers, especially our motherland, a happy Mother’s Day!

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