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‘The role of museums and cultural tourism in Tasmania’ public talk

On 9 August 2017, Master Wang and some young Elder Gurus and Reincarnated Beings from Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia attended ‘The role of museums and cultural tourism in Tasmania’ public talk, held at University of Tasmania’s Launceston campus. The talk was delivered by director of Launceston’s Queen Victoria Museum, Richard Mulvaney, and was very interesting. For the Academy, the talk also carried enormous learning and reference value.

Traditionally, Tasmania’s tourism experience has been heavily focused on the admiration of the state’s pristine natural environment, however the state is also increasingly considered as an important arts and cultural hub. Our museums are playing an increasing role in developing our cultural identity.

The values of museums to society have long been acknowledged for their role in preserving society’s cultural heritage. Shifting from the traditional role where they collect, preserve and display historical items, museums are now an agent of change and development—mirroring the societal trend whilst educating and imparting cultural education. They assist our future generations to understand and appreciate their history and culture and take pride in the achievements of their ancestors.

After the talk, Master Wang presented Mr. Mulvaney with an ‘Eighteen Arhant’ papercutting artwork by Magical Cutter Ms. Fang Dai, and invited him to visit and give guidance to the Zhi Ji Museum.

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