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Brighton Christmas Pageant

On Saturday 9 December 2017, Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia participated in the Brighton Christmas Pageant. Last year, after the first Christmas pageant of the community of Brighton (an area that primarily consists of people who believe in Jesus Christ), the event was well received and enjoyed by all members of the community. Hence, the organising committee of the pageant decided to have their second Christmas pageant this year, and once again invited Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia, led by Master Wang.

Master Wang with the organiser of the Brighton Community Christmas Parade

Brighton is a pocket town in Tasmania, Australia. Situated to the north of Hobart, Brighton neighbours Campania where the proposed Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia will be located. Despite being a small community, it is complete with accommodation, health services, wellness facilities, education institutes, arts and culture, and entertainment faculties; the people of Brighton are friendly and kind, virtuous and accepting. At 12 noon, the Christmas pageant officially commenced. The entire community of Brighton was filled with the lively atmosphere of Christmas celebrations becoming an ocean of joy and happiness. Community members from all walks of life, be it young or old, big families or small families all lined the streets to watch and enjoy the exciting and vibrant colours of the Christmas parade. Apart from Santa Claus that made all children jump with joy, there were also other groups from the community that participated - including parents and children in costume, some danced and broke into songs, there were Australian Aboriginal representatives along with communities of different ethnicities. Even the local Red Cross, club scouts and animal protection groups joined the festivities.

Members in the crowd engaged with the Holy Tantra Dharma Lions

This all thoroughly manifested that “human and the Universe are a disconnected whole”, “humans and humans are a disconnected whole”, “different ethnic groups are a disconnected whole”, “humans and animals are a disconnected whole”. This embodies the ultimate virtuous kindness compassion and wisdom of the Great Holy Sakyamuni Buddha, and reflects the metaphysical doctrine of universal truth. Under the personal guidance of Master Wang, the Holy Tantra Flag Team, Sheng Mi Tian Kong Xing, Holy Tantra Lotus car, Holy Tantra Lion Team, Holy Tantra Rainbow Fan Team, hip-drum Team and Yang Ge Team of Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia were all well received by the audience. The crowds were constantly waving whilst wishing the parade “Merry Christmas”. Many children reached out to touch and yoga with the Holy Tantra Dharma Lions. With the emergence of Dharma bliss in their hearts, the children knowingly or unknowingly extended broad smiles across their face, expressing purity from their spirituality deep within. Such a scene was indeed moving, admirable and inspiring.

Local meditation class members participating in the Academy's float

At the perfect completion of the Christmas pageant, Master Wang, along with all the Holy Tantra Sangha, practitioners from the motherland and local meditation class members who participated in this silent Dharma dissemination activities commemorated the joyous occasion with a group photo.

Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia once again expresses our deepest gratitude for the cordial invitation. We thank the local people of Brighton for their acceptance and welcome, as well as their understanding and acceptance of Chinese and Buddhist culture.

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