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Oatlands Christmas Pageant

Continuing on from the Hobart and Brighton Christmas pageants, Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia participated in yet another parade to celebrate Christmas at another small town.

Holy Tantra Dharma Lions with the organiser of the Oatlands Christmas Pageant

This Christmas parade is the third one of this year that Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia has participated in. From this, one can feel the compassion, friendship, acceptance and openness of Tasmanians. Despite the torrential storm of politics, this still does not hinder their passion and reception of people of different nationalities, different skin colour, and different ethnicities.

Upon invitation from the mayor of Southern Midlands Council, on Friday 15 December 2017, Master Wang and members from Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia participated in the Oatlands Christmas pageant. Under the remote spiritual guidance and blessing of Master Wang, the Holy Tantra Elder Gurus, Holy Tantra Gurus, Holy Tantra Reincarnated Beings, Holy Tantra Practitioners and local mediation class members of the Academy departed Hobart to travel to the town of Oatlands some two hours away.

​Local class members pictured together before the start of the pageant

This historical small town near the centre of Tasmania has a population of 600 people; as the clock ticked past 6 pm, people from all works of time decorated the streets to watch the pageant floats parade by. Those who enjoyed and welcomed the parade not only included children and parents, but also volunteers of the local elderly care centre that brought seniors to the streets to partake in the festivities.

Senior members of the crowd engaging with the Holy Tantra Dharma Lions

​The various groups that took part in the parade were of all sorts, each unique and special, illuminating the scene of the Oatlands community. Under gentle rays of the setting sun, this old city with an English style facade displayed a special radiance with a whole new flavour. Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia, Chinese Han Transmission Tantrayana Buddhism - Holy Tantra Jin-Gang-Dhyana Buddhism followed the teachings of the Great Holy Sakyamuni Buddha of “entering into the city, and being amongst people”; in accordance to the True Form Dharma of Mahayana entering in the world as if illusory, as taught by the first Ancient Indian Holy Patriarch Master Bhagavan ZHI-JI Vimalakirti, to rather bare the burden of sentient beings and mingle with sentient beings. The Christmas pageant team of the Academy mutually engaged in yoga with sentient beings, silently sharing Holy Tantra Buddhist Dharma. Sentient beings were filled with Dharma joy with broad smiles and laughter. The Christmas pageant completed in perfection at 8 pm. The Holy Dharma Lions took photos with the Mayor and his wife, along with the organiser of the Christmas pageant at the landmark in Oatlands - at the Callington Wind Mill, built in 1837.

The Holy Tantra Dharma Lions, together with Mayor Tony Bisdee, and wife Sue Bisdee

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