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Sydney Chinese New Year Celebration

The Opening of Spring Scenery of the Chinese Auspicious Month with Song and Dance to Praise the Year of the Dog ——an account of Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia’s attendance at the 2018 Sydney Oriental Chinese New Year Evening Under the wise foresight and ideological guidance of the President of China, President Xi Jinping, the hundred-year plan of “One Belt One Road” has allowed the soft power of China—that is, the ancient Chinese culture—to be put on display on the world cultural stage. The Chinese culture is akin to a brilliant oriental pearl that emanates unique spiritual brilliance, exuding an infinite amount of spiritual strength unfolding its long journey - one that has progressed through the ages without degradation, and one that has been mutually verified by different cultures and civilisations. It has been disseminating widely in countries and regions far from China, and selflessly offering its spiritual nourishment to all those in need. This unstoppable historical trend has led to the awakening of Chinese people globally in this current society of advanced information and technology - one that has confused and dazed many by various materialistic desires. It has allowed Chinese people to realise the profound and infinite wisdom of our ancient ancestors so that we may receive nourishment, cleansing, and elevation from the spiritual culture of the motherland. This also unites the Chinese people around the world, to further promote Chinese culture, and do our part in realising the rejuvenation of Chinese culture. Under the historic background of the journey of such a brilliant and splendid Chinese dream, "Window of the World of Chinese Culture and Art" was established globally as one of the achievements of His Excellency Xi Jinping's “One Belt One Road” initiative. The main purpose of Window of the World of Chinese Culture and Art is to disseminate Chinese culture and art, promote the development of international exchange, unite the strengths of various cultural art groups, enhance the cultural exchange between countries, and expand the promotion of Chinese culture and arts. Hence, “Window of the World” chapters have been established globally to proactively utilise overseas Chinese groups, and facilitate the blossoming and fruition of Chinese culture and arts in every corner of the globe. The world headquarters of Window of the World of Chinese Culture and Art is in Sydney, Australia, and administered in five major continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Pacific. Chapters are spread across the globe in over 30 countries. The first president of the organisation is Ms. Lily Zheng, troupe leader of Oz Oriental Dance Troupe, and Sydney Dance Empress. On the auspicious time and date of 27 January 2018, Oz Oriental Dance Troupe solemnly held the 2018 7th Sydney Oriental Chinese New Year Evening, as well as the initiation ceremony of Window of the World of Chinese Culture and Arts. Master Wang and the Academy accepted the invitation from Troupe Leader Lily Zheng, and assembled a delegation of 28 people to support the event in Sydney. The Academy also performed the Holy Tantra Vajra Lion Dance, and Reincarnated Being Vajra Sheng-Yuan played two piano pieces for this grand Chinese occasion.

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