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Vajra Sheng-Yuan: Semifinalist at Tasmanian Young Achievers Awards

Reincarnated Being Vajra Sheng-Yuan selected as a Tasmanian Young Achievers Award Semi-Finalist

Young people are the pillars of society’s future. In order to commend the achievements of young people and encourage them to continue pursuing their goals, each state in Australia hosts a Young Achiever Awards. The Award Ceremony for Tasmania was held on Saturday 8th April 2017.

The Premier of Tasmania, The Honourable Will Hodgman MP is the patron of this award. In the Premier’s congratulatory speech, he pointed out that “as future leaders of our State, it is very important that we commend the contributions they have made and also encourage them to pursue their goals.”

Reincarnated Being Vajra Sheng-Yuan of Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia had the honour to be selected as a semi-finalist in the ‘2017 The Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award’ category, along side being the youngest nominee. During the Award Ceremony, he was the opening performance, playing the piano piece Etude Op10 No8 by Chopin.
 Under the spiritual guidance and yi ji gan kou (spiritual coupling in accordance to the circumstances) of Zhi-Ji Patriarch Master, the eleven year-old Reincarnated Being Vajra Sheng-Yuan has revealed his previous lives’ wisdom. From the age of 3, he started to learn to play the piano by ear, and subsequently under the careful tutelage of his teacher Shan Deng, he has won first prizes at many piano competitions. A few months ago, he hosted a fundraiser for the charity foundation - Ronald McDonald House, that especially provides assistance to ill children and their families in Hobart. The event raised several thousand dollars.

The achievements of Reincarnated Being Vajra Sheng-Yuan has proven the practicality and supremeness of the practice of the Holy Tantra Rainbow Transformation Reincarnation Dharma Method. Furthermore, it demonstrates that no matter how special the seed, it still requires the appropriate conditions, quality soil and careful protection in order to grow strongly.
 Just like the secular saying goes: “it takes a village to raise a child”. The achievements of Vajra Sheng-Yuan also belong to his family; this is all a result of the careful cultivation and nurturing in accordance to his root capacity under the spiritual guidance of Zhi-Ji Patriarch Master.

We wish Vajra Sheng-Yuan every success in his future endeavours, which undoubtly, he will apply his most diligent efforts!

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