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The Hon. Rebecca White MP visits Zhi Ji Museum

On 25 August 2017, Opposition leader of Tasmania, The Hon. Rebecca White MP and former Premier of Tasmania, the Hon. Lara Giddings, took time out of their busy schedule to visit Zhi-Ji Museum. During the visit, Master Wang explained to them the philosophical, cultural and spiritual significance of the Tasmanian Chinese Cultural Park of Australia and the erected Stone Lions and Four Heavenly Devas.

This was The Hon. Rebecca White’s first visit to the museum; upon entering into the museum, she was in awe of the amount of exhibited items, as well as the historical value, importance and backgrounds that they carry. Admiring the details of many aged pottery and statues, Master Wang also explained the arduous processes that takes to craft them, adding to their appreciation of Master Wang’s collection.

As they bid farewell, they reiterated their anticipation to see the development begin. Master Wang gifted each a set of Buddhist statues carved from boxwood, symbolising longevity and good luck.

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