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Charity Concert - Vajra Sheng-Yuan

On the afternoon of 21 April, Hobart Town Hall was packed with over 250 people for Vajra Sheng-Yuan’s second charity iano concert. From young children, budding pianists to seniors and music enthusiasts, the audience enjoyed a full one-hour concert where Vajra Sheng-Yuan performed some his newest learnings. Demonstrating great skills, he started the concert with works by Chopin, including renowned complex Revolutionary, which features relentless creativity playing by the left hand. This was followed by an energetic showcase with Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 10 K330, one of the Mozart’s most famous works, as well as Prokofiev’s Tocatta, renowned as an extremely difficult piece that requires outstanding and demanding finger work. The highlight of the concert was the final showcase accompanied by his teacher, Ms. Shan Deng. The teacher-student duo performed Grieg’s Piano Concerto Op 16, which features bold, sentimental rhythm and elements which exemplify great vigor. The concert concluded with a standing ovation, with many praising the continued development of Vajra Sheng-Yuan’s piano skills. Charity board members of the Association for Children with Disability Tasmanian Branch, who were present at the concert, were deeply touched by Vajra Sheng-Yuan’s initiative to fundraise for a children’s charity, and also acknowledged the attendee’s generosity, contributing to a very meaningful cause. At the mere age of thirteen, the success of Vajra Sheng-Yuan cannot be separated by the guidance from his highly-skilled and talented teacher, Ms. Shan Deng, as well as the cultivation and care from Patriarch Master, as well as his family. On behalf of the Academy, we congratulate Vajra Sheng-Yuan on an outstanding concert and look forward to watching his development in the years to come.

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